Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Caroline Lucas: Get a Grip*

UPDATE: Thanks to the beefcake for his alternative, and superior headline suggestion

"Green politician exhibits lack of grip on reality shocker"

So, all the watermelons in their shoes made out of lentils have jumped onto their bikes made out of banana skins and moved into their tents made out of nylon which, er, comes from oil, and are having a good old moan about a company who wants to make sure it's customers can switch the kettle on.

E.On want to demolish an old power station and build a coal fired job which they say is 20% cleaner and if it is built, it will be operational by 2012 and provide energy for 1.5 million homes.

However, the people from the planet hemp have decided that this is not on, and that we should instead be covering the countryside in windmills because otherwise we will all die from unproven AGW.

And these people really do believe that we are going to die soon and we mustn't be allowed to have a regular, secure and efficient supply of energy anymore.

MEP for the South East Caroline Lucas has actually gone as far as saying that new coal fired power stations are a

"crime against humanity"


Actually, I do remember aid workers in Rwanda recounting a story from when they were there during the massacres in 1994. These two minority Tutsis who'd just seen their entire families wiped out were having a chat with them over an expresso in one of the camps and were being asked for their opinion on the whole thing. It's generally considered that the murdering of an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 people outside a war does rather fulfill the criteria of a "crime against humanity" like the attacks on the World Trade Centre were.

So Suki was saying how devastated she was at her loss, her friends and family being wiped out but was very keen to mention that she was eternally grateful that during the time of the violence the Hutu militia hadn't done anything seriously bad like build a coal fired power station...

I am seriously very angry that this woman who, I would like to point out, doesn't travel to and from Brussels and Strasbourg on her bicycle, can even have thought that comparing providing electricity to homes in the South East of England is even in the same galaxy as a crime against humanity. Actually, I am sickened by it and I think she should apologise as should everyone at that hippie camp who cheered when she said it.

What kind of world do we live in where these hypocrites can get away with saying such awful things and people just accept it? It's there for anyone to see on the BBC website and anyone wanting to contact Caroline Lucas can do so by e-mailing her at:

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Hooray for coal (part 94).