Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Merkel didn't get a Christmas Card?

Dizzy reported that Broon didn't give Mrs Merkel a Christmas card. I wonder if it has anything to do with her comments over the Lisbon Treaty which Brown and his cronies all say is not the Consitution and therefore they don't need to give a referendum.

"The substance of this constitution is the same...that is a fact."

Or maybe it's because she's a vile, hideous harridan who cares for nothing but herself. Just look at the way she reacts in this video.


Old-Tyke said...

Nice one Trixy - the look of studied disdain on her face as she carries on pretending to write rather than listen, is a classic. Nice speech from Nigel too.

Passing Leftie said...

Well the way that video is edited clearly makes the response look worse than it really was...She went on to take another two questions, then answered them in full.

UKIP does tend to do this with the truth, does it now?

Trixy said...

Hello there, you with a chip on your shoulder!

That was filmed by the European Parliament cameras and was exactly what she was doing when Nigel was speaking. No editing done there.

Off you trot, go and pretend you're saving the world by developing an autocratic regime.

ukipwebmaster said...

Dear passing leftie,
Trixy is right. This was her response and if there was any editing it was done by your beloved EU.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Gordo takes social ineptness to new heights.