Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another reason why I'm going to hell

So the other day I was standing in Parliament square by some chap on a bike who had been hit by a car. Ouch. Cue lots of syringes all over the road and police tape and an air ambulance. It didn't look good.

The BBC sent a camera down to film the helicopter and the lady in question was not too happy about filming a 'porn shot' as she called it. Don't blame her, really. I wonder if the press would have been so interested had it not been an MP who accidentally knocked the cyclist off his bike. And it was an accident and it's another reason why I wouldn't cycle around central London.

So yesterday I asked a policeman by the gate where it happened if the chap was on the mend and he's critical but stable, so he should be okay. I hope MP in question is okay too because I can imagine he's having a pretty rough time and feeling terrible.

But a thought did cross my mind and that is that it should be a while before we once again hear the sanctimonious cries from rich Tories who can afford to live in the centre of London, unlike the rest of us, telling us all we should be cycling to work instead of driving.

I look for the rainbow.

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