Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another day, another thing for them to ban

And today we can go to the glamorous and slightly smelly orange world of sunbeds.

A 13 year old boy has, you see, been burnt by a sun bed. A sun bed that he went on three times in one day. In a sun bed shop that has coin operated sun beds and is only manned 75% of the time. In Wales.

Salon owner Steven James said he is looking at ways to prevent such an incident happening again but added that the salon was only unstaffed to compete with others in the area.

"I would very much prefer to have someone there all the time," he said.

"We are not operating illegally and if laws were passed to make all salons staffed all of the time it would solve the problem.

That's right! Get regulation involved, that's just what we need!

At least the mother of the boy came out with something sensible to say:
I don't want the place shut down because the man has to earn a living but I expect him to take some responsibility and have it manned.

And then British Association of Dermatologists, said

This sort of horror story is precisely why sunbeds need tighter regulation.

One stupid child who won't listen = more regulation for the rest of us.

I would have thought being horribly burnt would teach him not to do it again. If the rest of us can read and use our noggin, why can't he?


Anonymous said...

They could just put up a sign above the sunbed saying 'No idiots allowed'.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OR they could just stick up a picture of a badly burned sunbed-user saying "If you stay on too long you will end up like this".

Anonymous said...

They should shut off the sun - it puts out UV non stop.
Even in wales if I remember aright.