Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cameron: Polly conundrum

My god, but it's one of those days when I wish we did things in the UK the way they do in Africa. There really are a lot of mistakes walking around Westminster.

But the fact that the leader of the Opposition, the man who in a few years time could be leading this country is either economically and financially retarded or a fucking liar is deeply concerning.

At a Yorkshire Post organised meeting on 17th April in Leeds David Cameron was asked:

Q. Why would you rather be in Europe rather than govern, why don't you want a landslide victory that that policy would give you?

To which he replied:

A. The vast majority of the British people want to stay in the EU. From the very next day our businesses will flounder and be unable to export to the EU.

No, they don't.
No, it won't.

Just. staggering. UNABLE to export to the EU? ARE YOU MAD? Not forgetting that we are their biggest export market, but can you imagine the CEO of Mercedes saying 'Britain aren't in the EU, we must stop exporting to our biggest market'.

And Tories think this man should lead the country? Blimey but when it comes to Trade policy perhaps we are better off with Peter Mandelson.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Just goes to show how valuable an education you get, going to Eton and then studying* PPE at Oxford.

* Posh people call it 'reading', but he clearly didn't do much of that either beyond the 'Oxford Reading Tree Stage 7'.

Jackart said...

I'm afraid trixy, you're wrong. Most people when asked want to stay in the EU, but renegotiate our position.

I agree on the second point though.

Little Black Sambo said...

"No, they don't.
No, it won't."
In my experience you are right about the first point.
Any fool, including Cameron, can see you are right about the second.
What a very depressing report, if true.

Trixy said...

Actually, Jack, I am right, but it does depend on how you ask the question.

Alas, because our politicians are fucking liars they seem to have this idea, mainly from the Tories, that the EU is in some way reformable. Which is why they have just given a man convicted of embezzlement the job of Justice commissioner.

But if you ask a question, would you leave the EU if it meant we could control our borders, 80% of respondents said yes.