Monday, April 07, 2008

Olympic bias?

Much was made of the former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq being knocked over for taking part in the Olympic torch parade. I wonder why she was taking part in it at all as she's not an athlete. She's not even a Blue Peter presenter anymore.

Then I remembered something:

The BBC has warned Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq about political bias after she took part in a press conference with London mayor Ken Livingstone.

She appeared at an event to promote cycling despite the corporation telling her agent she should not take part.

And then something else from the Sunday Times:
The campaign for London mayor has gone national. Gordon Brown has sent in Tessa Jowell to revive Ken Livingstone’s reelection fight, and David Cameron has ordered every Tory MP to canvass for Boris Johnson...

Meanwhile, the mayor, who won his first term in 2000 as an independent and had a tense relationship with Tony Blair, has submitted to curbs on his autonomy. He has surrendered powers to Jowell, with whom he worked on London’s successful bid to stage the 2012 Olympics.

Under the informal arrangement, she will mobilise Labour’s MPs and officials to campaign for Livingstone and will also play a part in fundraising.

Tessa Jowell who is also the Minister for the Olympics.

I wonder if someone had a word and tried to get the little Ken supporter a nice role which would raise her profile and also help Ken, Tessa and the Labour party quite nicely.

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