Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Why the countryside is better than a town

1. Ken Livingstone doesn't run it
2. Ken Livingstone wouldn't want to run it
3. Boris Johnson wouldn't be seen as a credible alternative to Ken for running it
4. You get train announcements like this: (with thanks to Minge)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is Barry your train manager (conductor is presumably too descriptive a word for his job)
We are sorry to have stopped the service here at Lostwithiel. This is a result of suspected sheep on the line. We are investigating this, and hope to be moving shortly.

Note the sheep were suspected.


Mac the Knife said...

Ah, but suspected of what? I think we should be told...

The Tin Drummer said...

Plus in the countryside there is just sort of less socialism all round, really. It's much less likely that people will tell you what you should be thinking or saying or use words like "inappropriate" or "unhelpful". Except in schools. Obviously.