Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why career politicians are bad for Britain

Comments of people like Iain Dale immediately trying to smear UKIP MP Bob Spink show the typical career politician attitude which has plagued our country in recent years.

He says:

Within six months Nigel Farage will rue the day he ever met Bob Spink. As UKIP's only MP (albeit not elected under that banner) he will have delusions of grandeur and believe that he should be the de facto leader of UKIP. He's that kind of man. For Farage he spells trouble with a capital T.

You see, there are some people in politics who do it for conviction, not because they want to appear in front of the cameras.

I read the comment out loud in the pub and Nigel Farage said that these people just don't get it. Small minded is the only word I can really think of.

People like Nigel who are in it for the cause don't start having hissy fits because someone else gets the limelight. It's about achieving the final target, not about how many appearances 'doing the papers' on Andrew Marr you can get, or how big a swing to your opposition you can achieve.

Yes, I understand that Tories have lost yet another MP who basically thinks that Cameron is a cock but really. Champagne corks popping in CCHQ? David Davies didn't seem to think so earlier.

And I'm not going to take criticism from someone who can't even write their own baggage labels.

As for this e-mail Guido has posted...honestly. It's what we anticipated from them to be honest but when you try to make a big deal about someone not telling someone from the opposite side what is going on when things have not been finalised, then really.

Do you tell people about business deals before they're finalised?


Old-Tyke said...

Well, I wish you all the best with Bob Spink - first Conservative, then an Independent and now UKIP. Let's hope he helps pull the plug on the EU.

Iain Dale said...

You people make me laugh. Career politician? Since when? Since 1990 (apart from 6 months working for David Davis) I have run my own businesses.

How on earth you call Spink a conviction politician when he made it clear he had no intention of joining UKIP only a month ago is bizarre in the extreme.

It is you and Mr Farage who just don't get it. All you do is help perpetuate a Europhile Labour government.

Iain Dale said...

I don't get the point about baggage labels.

Anonymous said...

Good post Trixy - never let the Tory bastards get you down

DJ said...

Yeah, Trixy! No perpetuating Europhile governments when you could be helping David 'Spartacus' Cameron with his cunning plan to... do Eurosceptic stuff, or something.

It's just he's got to keep it secret, just like how the American revolutionaries locked the Declaration of Independence in a broom cupboard and refused to let anyone read it until 1859.

Anonymous said...

1. I can't believe that the real Ian Dale has sunk so low as to comment on this trashy site. Blogland really is low level.

2. While a lot of the UKIP lot had real jobs before the semi-retirement that constituents representing the fruitcakes in the EP, Farage is surely the exception. What has he ever done in the real working world?

Trixy said...

But anon, you're low enough in the first place?

What has Farage ever done? Joined the London metal exchange at 18. Worked in the city for 18 years including setting up his own company which he had to close in order to concentrate on politics. Worked all over Europe and the USA.

So a fair amount, you small minded, ignorant fool.

Now bugger off unless you have something sensible to say.

Anonymous said...

And there is gold at the end of the rainbow. And Santa Claus is having a rest before the hard work starts.