Monday, April 21, 2008

silly meme

Mark Wadsworth wants me to take a photo of my messy desk with my desktop on it.

Here you go:

the picture is a Renoir. The desk is fairly tidy for me and includes the required elements for work, such as shoe calendar, hair brush and pink hair straighteners as well as sling and a pair of tights. I now tag:
Happy Harriet Harman
Lady MaCleod
A Very British Dude
Mr E
and Chip Dale


Mark Wadsworth said...

Thanks. Isn't it fascinating how everybody's desk looks ... pretty much the same.

Semaj Mahgih said...

I want to see a naked Trixy on top of that. Not being sexist or prurient or anything remotely reprehensible.

Happy Harriet Harman said...

Really Trixy,

I amcurrently doing 5 jobs simultaneously, do you really think I have the time?

Besides, I've been up to something much more interesting.
Catch it before it's taken off.