Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New blog I like

The Happy Blog of Harriet Harman

She's not too keen on me, alas, but I must say I never realised how kind and geniune and, more importantly, happy the woman is:

In fact, just to prove it. Here are some pictures of me on my 25th anniversary of becoming an MP. I invited all these ethnic minorities to Portcullis House to show how inclusive Labour is and just so they didn't feel like they did not belong, I wore my kente scarf across my jacket. Kente is a type of fabric from Ghana, which as you should know is one of the largest countries in the Caribbean!

This proves my point

I'm converted.


Mac the Knife said...

Anyone that fabulously stupid can't help but be happy I suppose. How that fucking woman finds her way out of her house in the morning is one of life's enduring mysteries...

Semaj Mahgih said...

Yes I can prove I'm ethnically happy too.

Mark Wadsworth said...

How d'you mean Happy Harriet doesn't like you? She does link to your 'blog after all!