Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more hypocrisy from euro nationalists

My favourite MEP Richard Corbett is having a moan because of UKIP and the Irish referendum.

At one level, it is amusing to see UKIP, which frequently makes shrill accusations about "Brussels meddling with Britain", trying to meddle in a referendum campaign in another country.
This from a man who voted against respecting the results of the Irish referendum.

And a man who represents a part of the UK which he doesn't bother to live in. And who wants to see us as part of a federal Europe. And who is, it seems, alleging potential criminal activity by UKIP over funding when the EU are pouring millions of euros lying to the Irish population and when the British embassy themselves are interfering in the Irish referendum.

These people are so hypocritical it makes me sick. Really, Richard, come now. We all know your main problem with referendums on these issues is that the options are 'yes' and 'no' rather than your option of 'yes' and 'yes please' (if they have to have a referendum after all. So inconvenient having to ask the voters isn't it.) but it's called democracy. There is frankly far too little of it in the European Institutions (£10 says you start thinking, 'but the Lisbon Treaty gives greater power to the European Parliament which is directly elected!') but can you please stop grasping at straws trying to find any way of attacking the no side. We're already at a huge financial disadvantage because the EU will channel our tax money into telling us that what we can clearly read is wrong and not what they're up to at all. And they are also of course holding back details on forthcoming legislation which they know will be hugely unpopular. Like the EU army.

Euro fanatics can never win a fair competition. They have to cheat and lie which is why they do. It's like the comments of Jo Leinen after the Dutch said no to the TEC. 'You may have your little celebration tonight but we have 50 ways to win."

Says it all, really.


Vindico said...

We have to meddle in Ireland because what happens there affects us. That is the beauty of federalism!!! Ideally we would not have to because we would be independent. Corbett is a c**t. (p.s. is he the bloke off Sotty & Sweep? ;-) or was that a different Corbett?)

Anonymous said...

The pro-EU fanatics will never face the public. They, like the people who run the EU, remain faceless and conduct business in the shadows.

The Tin Drummer said...

Well that's because business in the shadows is so much easier to do. After all, as Victoria Derbyshire once said on Radio 5, "does it matter where a law comes from as long as it's a good law?"