Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To the tedious little person who keeps on complaining about my comment re Arlene McCarthy, the reason I haven't published your comments is because you posted crap and won't put your name on, which leads me to believe you are
1) Arlene herself or

2) Work for Arlene and therefore are economically retarded and don't like democracy

And you are a spaz because you think that Arlene McCarthy can actually do something about guns in Britain when even our civil servants don't know how many guns are in the country, and we don't have any border controls to control what comes in and out.

So stop boring me. Unless you write something interesting I will just delete you.

Although do post that one about Arlene and the guns again (not of Navarone, I notice)so we can all have a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Yawn! What a load of rubbish. You castigate other people for blogging anonymously yet you don't identify yourself on your blog - you don't even allow access to your profile.

You obviously have no idea about blogging etiquette and are just using the medium to put across one sided views because you wont print the views of people who disagree with you.

My comments weren't rude or offensive - unlike the quote you printed from Mr Whittaker - which you are still refusing to source!

But why am I surprised - you support the views of a small minded, bigoted party which cant see beyond the boarders of little Britain.

So enjoy your sad lonely little one -sided blog, its of little account anyway.

Trixy said...

And yet you're back here.

And once again, you've proved you are a complete spaz because you have no grasp of economics, international trade or, it appears, politics.

Run back to your backward looking fortress Europe Party.

Oh, and it's Dr Whittaker. He's qualified to know what he's talking about. Had jobs before and everything!

Fuck me, but socialists are irritating. Cage time!

Anonymous said...


This really is a silly site. It has no argument to make on anything. Unless of course one wants to read about dull conversations with dad or ill-informed jibberish about the workings of the European Parliament. Disagreeing with postings will invariably result in childish abuse being thrown by the easily provoked blogger.

Falco said...

"You obviously have no idea about blogging etiquette and are just using the medium to put across one sided views"

Has this person heard of blogging? The whole point of it is to put across one sided views. What a twunt.

Trixy said...

'ill-informed jibberish about the workings of the European Parliament'

Ha ha, funny. I suspect I may know slighty more about it than you, poppet.

And if you don't like it here, I'd love to show you the door! I suspect that's not a novelty for you.

My blog, my rules. No boring cunts allowed.