Thursday, December 06, 2007

Some conversations with my father

Walking from St James' park to Jermyn Street today, my father and I passed lots of well dressed people all gathered together.

Daddy: "It must be MBE day"

Me: "Yes. Or perhaps a funeral."

Daddy: "Why a funeral?"

Me: "Well, they are all wearing black, sombre clothing"

Daddy: "Oh, I didn't notice that."

Later on, walking up Bond Street

Daddy: "I found an earring yesterday. It looked like a Victorian piece. Lots of expensive looking stones and coloured glass."

Me: "You should show it to me. If it's very lovely, I could get another one made to match."

Daddy: "Yes. Or flog it to a one eared bloke."

Later still, walking down towards Berkeley Square

Daddy: "Who is Stella McCartney?"

Me: "Paul McCartney's daughter."

Daddy: "Well, why does she have a shop just because she's someone's daughter?"

Me: "She's also a fashion designer. Quite a famous one, too.

Daddy: (Glances into, admittedly sparse, window) "Well, she's not going to do very well if she only has one dress to sell."


flashgordonnz said...

Conversations with my father:

Select one of:
- designer
- Earrings
- computers
- cell phones
- people movers
- big cars
- small cars (except his own)
- rice-as-a-savoury-dish
- email
- credit cards
- fruit

“Computers?! Nar, ‘don’t believe in them. Why would I want a computer?”
Note: this was not in response to being offered a computer or having someone suggest he buy a computer.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Brilliant! Especially the one-eared bloke gag.