Friday, December 21, 2007

lock up the lags! kick out the..crims!

About 50 million years ago, or so it seemed, I wrote to the Home Office to ask them to tell me how many foreign nationals were being held in British prisons have been released without deportation, and how many of those are from EEA countries.
The other day, I finally received a letter, informing me that to tell me the answer to that would cost too much money, although they don't explain why this is or how they actually calculate it without first doing the work.

I notice today that what they informed me in my letter has also been leaked to the media by some disgruntled prison officers in receipt of a Home Office memo, so being the nice young lady that I am, I will write down the criteria for deporting someone:

Non-EEA nationals:
Recommendation for deportation at the time of receiving sa sentence for crime committed within the UK or;
Received a 12 months custodial sentence for a crime committed within the UK or;
Received a cumulative total of 12 months worth or 2-3 month custodial sentences for crimes committed within the UK over the space of 5 years.

EEA nationals

Recommendation for deportation at the time of receiving sentence for crime committed within the UK or
Received a 24 month custodial sentence for a crime committed within the UK

Note, these are only recommendations for deportation. They then go on to inform me that
Criminal Casework Directorate will not have all foreign national criminals referred to them as colleagues within the Prison Service will only refer individuals that meet the above criteria. Colleagues within the Ministry of Justice hold information on the number of foreign national prisoners released from prison, however this is not broken down into differentiate between those that have been released on parole and those that have then moved into the Border and Immigration Agency detention estate pending their removal.

They also attached a letter sent to Keith Vaz, as Chairman(or 'chair' as he calls it)of the Home Affairs Select Committee on 20th November. I notice that this dastardly Labour MP did not feel the need to inform the public of information such as 127 foreign criminals being lost. Yes, they've LOST THEM.

You see, because of turds like Clive Stafford Smith who seem to think that the well being of terrorists is superior to law abiding British people, although he probably gets paid with legal aid from our taxes, it takes a long time to even decide whether someone is going to be deported. And in this situation, the law says you can't keep them banded up until their hearing is heard so we have to let them go. Weeeee, off they go!

Let's have some more figures, shall we?
There are currently around 1500 FNP whose sentences have expired and are detained in the Agency or Prison Estate and who are awaiting deportation

In July there were 1013 FNPs released without deportation. Now, 631 or the 1013 have had their cases concluded with 261 of these 631 being deported. bye bye! Why aren't the rest of you going, though?

50 of them are still serving a custodial sentence. Fingers crossed they go back as well.

205 individuals are going through the deportation process which takes a long time because their human rights have to be considered.

What about my human rights? Why can't I live in a country with fewer criminals? Why can't we stop foreign criminals coming in? Why do I have to pay for foreign criminals? How long before we get Sangatte III?

We won't give shelter and protection to the Iraqi translators but we won't kick out Polish Paedophiles?
As we well know
Article 27 (2) of 2004/58/EC says:

'Measures taken on grounds of public policy or public security shall comply with the principle of proportionality and shall be based exclusively on the personal conduct of the individual concerned. Previous criminal convictions shall not in themselves constitute grounds for taking such measures (restricting freedom of movement).'

So who is going to mention the elephant in the room? Can we not have a proper debate about this sham that is our immigration policy? I'm sick of listening to people debate something and they as soon as they realise that it's an EU law, act as if they can't do anything about it. Because we can.


Anonymous said...

You are completely lost aren't you? Go back to posting up other people's funny rhymes.

Trixy said...

Oh honey, you're back. And you seem to be a bit confused!

Are you saying that the Home Office and all the media today are lying? Are you thinking that I've also made up that piece of EU law?

Would you like a blanket and a cup of tea so you can think things through?

The Tin Drummer said...

Yes please. That sounds lovely.

Happy Christmas Trixy. Keep campaiging for that long lost thing, a free society, in 2008.

Uh, so about that cup of tea, then....

Trixy said...

Are you going to pop over for a cuppa, then?