Sunday, December 02, 2007

I have just cut off my incredibly long finger nails (my mother tells me that doing this in the kitchen with the food prep scissors wasn't the most ladylike thing I could have done, but I was in a hurry) so now I can play the piano properly rather than trying with finger stilts.

Ever since I left school and stopped having my piano lessons and concerts and exams and A-Levels to prepare for, I have rather neglected my piano playing.Okay, when I was at uni and then in Brussels it wasn't easy as I didn't have a piano, but now I have a gorgeous boudoir grand, there is no excuse.

So this what I hahve decided to learn properly. And by that, I mean imagining I was preparing for a concert. Which I will never do again, sob! Unless I get drunk and try to play the piano at the Ritz club...

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Katy Newton said...

I sort of want to tell him to sit up straight and stop waving around. Stevie Wonder aroused similar sentiments in me, as did the late great Ray Charles. But the piece is lovely.