Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hard boiled eggs

As harsh as this may sound, I am very pleased that the European Courts have decided to rule in favour of a man who did not want embryos to be used in IVF treatment for his ex partner.

It must be awful for the woman, Natallie Evans, to want children but not be able to have them, but having children takes two people: A mother and a father. As such, consent is absolutely vital on both sides, regardless of whether the embryos are already and there to be used.

The man in question now does not want to have a child with Ms Evans, and so why should he? Even if she says that he doesn't have to have any part in the bringing up of the child, it is still unacceptable for anyone to let the procedure go ahead. He may not be the kind of man who simply can't sit by and do nothing when he knows he is the father of a child, so why should he have to?

It would also be traumatic for any child to know that he or she was not wanted by one of their parents.

I am firmly of the belief that having children is not a right but a privilege. There are lots of people out there who can't have children, and actually, I resent so much money being spent on IVF treatment on the NHS, because it is not necessary. By all means, go private and do it, but don't make me pay for it. If you want a child then you should be able to afford it, instead of relying on the state, or, more precisely, you and I, to sub you through.

How can anyone possibly argue that given the current state of the NHS, it is right that so much money is spent on something that is not necessary? I would like to be a size 10, leggy, brain surgeon, but quite frankly this ain't going to happen. Does that mean that I should get surgery on the NHS to try to fulfill my dreams? No.

Life isn't fair, and you just have to get on with it and make the most of what you have.

*this does not mean I am any happier about there being European Courts, even if they do reinforce UK decisions. Think how much time and money would have been spent if the UK court decision had been final.


Newmania said...

Well what a load of baloney that is with all due respect. The reason people need IVF treatment is because with the cost of housing and the necessity of having two incomes into your thirties to even begin to get started peoples are obliged not out of choice to leave the whole business of breeding later and later. Of course the exceptions to this are the single parent families who are usually nothing of the sort that our erstwhile tax payers have been financing to fill the word with copies of themselves. These chalices of hope and joy run around shooting people and availing themselves of the lifetime of leisure that the New labour fiends have so generously made available with our money.

Are you aware that the indigenous people of this country, for want of a better word are replacing themselves at about 1.4 per couple and that includes the prodigiously fecund Welfare class . Inward migration is taking the slack otherwise there would soon be none left to pay for everything at all. Perhaps you have noticed the changing face of London where the process is exaggerated squeezing the aspirant working-class and lower middleclass out completely and leaving teeny elites surrounded by an open sewer of social despair

The saddest thing about this cesspit of a country is the fact that the wish to have a love a family is denied to so many people by a combination of taxation and housing policy and you want to remove the one free shot ? When the NHS spends twenty times as much from foreign Health Tourists ,IVF Treatment is one for the few things that you get for your £250,000 NHS contribution over your life ( as a health policy) and it is the last thing that should be removed …Yeeeesh.

Incidentally I am aware that you and your chums make a bit of a speciality of the EU and its venal workings. When I mention the outrage of being denied access to our own governance most people say …what’s the difference? It occurs to me that the deep indifference politically to the whole subject , fun thought it may be , might best be dislodged by thinking harder about reconnecting the electorate with the domestic political process which to many is equally if not more remote . If you could cross the chasm here the whole subject of the EU would appear less of an academics play pen….Not an easy one I admit but it is pointless to quibble with this and that inconsistency without fermenting the enraged nationalism required to do something about it . I would be happy with that , would you ?
BTW Are you following the wrongful dismissal of Marta Andreasen the whistle blowing accountant? Quite up your street I would have thought….

Nice Title


Mr Eugenides said...

I would like to be a size 10, leggy, brain surgeon, but quite frankly this ain't going to happen.

I'm sure you could still attend medical school. One out of three wouldn't be bad...

Trixy said...

nah - am far too squeamish.

Newmania said...

I `m told that you are a fox . Guess you must be a short fat one but I feel somewhat misled by Arthurian Legend on this matter

Trixy said...

I don't think many people would call me short.

And AL is such a sweetie! *blushes*

Mr Eugenides said...

I'll leave you two to it.