Friday, April 06, 2007

Gordon Brown: Thieving Bastard

As the Devil points out, Gordon Brown has decided to give yet more of our money away to try and combat VAT fraud.

Gordon Brown was plunged into fresh controversy yesterday after he was accused of backing down in a year-long row over the European Union budget.

The Treasury confirmed that he had stopped haggling over the details of the deal negotiated by Tony Blair in December 2005, but EU diplomats claimed it would result in a deeper cut in the UK rebate than Mr Brown had wanted.

Britain will now pay its full share towards rebates for other big net contributors to the 27-nation bloc's budget, contrary to Mr Brown's interpretation of the original deal.

You may remember at the time of the rebate discussions, there was one man trying to stand up for this country:

So the tax burden is sky high in this country, public services are failing, economic growth is no where near as high as it should be, mainly due to the damaging social policies of the EU who want regulation after regulation which harms British businesses and yet now he's not going to be Chancellor for very long, the bastard has decided not to try to fight to keep more of our rebate. And why? To try to combat fraud for a regresive tax which is imposed on us by the EU. The EU should not have anything to do with our taxes. The fraud in VAT is enormous, and yet we have to go begging to France to get anything done about it, when if we weren't in the EU we wouldn't even have to ask anyone else for permission to do what the government must do as a duty of care.

It's astonishing that anyone can think that the EU is a good idea, unless they are mentally retarded. It damages everything it goes anywhere near.

So why are we still in it? And when can we have our say in a referendum?


james higham said...

Trixy, you know the answer to your last question already.

The Tin Drummer said...

Trixy, I hadn't seen it like that. Good post.

Trixy said...

Thank you my dear. I try.