Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes another one

A little bird has told me about a certain Tory MEP who has a reputation of being eurosceptic saying something quite different from that reputation.

Conservative MEP for the South East region Nirj Deva was at a dinner the other evening making a speech about how we can all make the EU 'the leading knowledge based economy in the world.'

'ello, 'ello...what about the UK as an economy, or have we all gone into Euroland without realising? And even the Commission wouldn't be so dumb as to think that the EU could be so successful. One of their high profile attempts to make the EU in any way efficient and business friendly, the Lisbon Agenda, has been such a failure they keep on having to relaunch it: which is as close as you get to an admission of failure in the EU.

Not only that, but the poor chap seems to think that the partnership agreement between the EU and India is a good thing. He appears to be conveniently ignoring the fact that we as a country should be having our own trade policy and is rather keen on Peter Mandelson being in control.

I would have thought that it would have been better for the UK to lead the way with trade agreements with India. After all, they are a former colony and are ideal partners for us in global trading. As the third largest trading nation we should be fully embracing free trade with the anglosphere and ACP countries as soon as we possibly can, and when the rest of the world catches up with this rather jolly idea which increases global parity, they can jump on board too.

Let's not get tied down with bureaucracy and the economically illiterate, because no one will benefit: indeed, everyone will suffer.

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