Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going a little too far?

Whilst I do enjoy laughing at Liberal Democrats, reading further into this story from The Times, Trixy became a wee bit irritated:

The leader of the Liberal Democrats in Darlington has been suspended from the party after backing a British National Party candidate in next month's local elections.

Party leaders could not explain why Steve Jones signed the nomination papers of Dave Brown, the BNP candidate for the North Road ward in the town, but admitted that it was an "error of judgment".

After an emergency meeting of local party officers, Mr Jones agreed to resign as leader. He was then suspended from the party pending an investigation, and will no longer be defending his seat in the elections on May 3. It is too late to find a replacement, so the Liberal Democrats have given up one of only three seats which they had in the town.

Well, it's okay so far. What goes around, comes around and all that. This is the party who caused a huge lot of bother for Councillor Ellie Bland when her husband forwarded an e-mail which was, I think, rather amusing, and accused her of being a 'racist'.

Seems to me that this chap up here just made a mistake. He didn't realise that he was signing the form of a neo-nazi but someone who was standing as an independent which was silly admittedly, but hardly a hanging offence. I should imagine that if this chap hadn't done it, then someone else would have, because the BNP does have support in this country, mainly due to the disastrous situation we are in with immigration. (Because of the EU, of course.)

The bit which really wound me up and caused something of a squeak, much to the chagrin of the person sitting next to me who was trying to work, was this:

Francis Maude, the chairman of the Conservative Party, called for Mr Jones to be forced out of the party altogether, rather than merely temporarily suspended.

Did he, now. Is he calling for the same thing to happen to the Conservative association chairman of their Sevenoaks branch, who sacked someone because she had breast cancer? When the BBC tried to get someone from the Spineless Conservative Party, they refused to talk about it. Sort out your own house in future, Mr Maude, rather than slinging round insults which make you look like a hypocritical idiot. Which in fairness, I suppose, is true. Signing the piece of paper of the friend of your wife is not even in the same league as deliberately trying to ruin the life of someone suffering from a terminal illness. But then that's the Conservative Party all over: all mouth and no trousers. They don't have any policies of their own, so they go around attacking other people and undertaking cheap publicity stunts.

I will end on a less 'friendly to the Lib Dems' note and relate a joke from my old Tory Party days;

There's a Lib Dem and a Labourite standing on the edge of a cliff. Which one do you push first?

The Labourite: Business before pleasure....

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