Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UKIP candidates

I've noticed a few comments about recently which have rather pissed ol' Trix off.

The delectable Iain Dale writes that the BNP have been putting up lists of where UKIP candidates are standing.

Obviously there is nothing UKIP can do about this apart from make clear that they don't want racist votes from the BNP, thank you very much. But it does call into question exactly why BNP supporters think that UKIP are the next best thing.

They don't. They're trying to discredit the party, hoping that if people think that, then we'll be tarnished with the same brush without actually doing anything. The BNP seem to have this bizarre idea that UKIP and the BNP are in some way similar, when they are diametrically opposed. I'd rather vote Lib Dem than BNP, but in reality, I wouldn't vote for anyone other than UKIP, as no other party represents my views.

Also there have been a few articles written about UKIP saying that the party have been telling porkies about the number of candidates they're fielding

What is clear, however, is that UKIP do not have 1,000 council candidates, as claimed by Nigel Farage last week.

Can I just say that that's wrong. It's not my fault that the Tories cannot add up properly, but I suppose it's the price we pay for not having a decent education system.

So, the figures for the candidates are as follows:

The UK Independence Party will be fielding a total of 1031 candidates in the forthcoming elections.

This breaks down to 963 borough and district candidates
33 Assembly candidates in the Welsh elections
35 Parliamentary candidates in the Scottish Elections

This does not include the 218 town and parish council candidates.

So, ner.

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