Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another reason

Why the Tories don't have a leg to stand on when they accuse UKIP of 'splitting the Eurosceptic vote'.

I popped in to see a friend yesterday and on the wall of the office of a Tory MP was pinned the front page of the Independent with '50 reasons to love the EU'.

I asked the girl in question about it, and she said 'oh, we like the EU here.'

And yet the Tories are still trying to kid people that they will do something about British membership of the EU, or that they will stop any further integrations. Or that they are eurosceptic.

As someone who studied statistics, if I had looked at the figures about which political party had taken the UK the furtherest into the EU and then made a statement saying that the Tories would be the party to stop further European integration I would have absolutely nothing to back that statement up.

On an even more annoying note is the Tories campaigning against the closure of rural post offices by having grand scale meetings, when they can't actually do anything about it because they want to remain in the EU, and it's the EU who are forbidding the government from subsidising rural posts offices properly.

It's lies. Damn lies. And I hate it.


Harry said...

At the risk of upsetting somebody who studied Statistics, is the saying not "Lies, Damn lies and Statistics"?! ;-)
And as for the Tories i have always said they are called the Conservative & Unionist Party, only they didn't tell us which Union!

Trixy said...

Yes, but that wasn't what I was going for...

james higham said...

Trixy, it's just politics. As if they're going to be straight.

The Nameless One said...

The current Tory party will say or do anything if they think it will give them even the faintest whiff of electoral success or a gain in the opinion polls.

But you are right - it was a Tory Prime Minister who first applied for Britain to join Europe, it was a Tory Prime Minister who took us into Europe and it was a Tory Prime Minister who signed up to the Maastricht Treaty. The Tory party is completely schizophrenic when it comes to Europe, but the growing number of Euro-sceptics and Euro-nihilists who are defecting from the party (and some of whom are joining UKIP) may be indicative of a growing realisation that the Tory party will never pay more than lip-service to opposing the EU.

timmyhawk said...

Would it be pushing it if one were to inquire which Tory MP this was? I know a few and mix in the right circles so a few hints would also be appreciated.