Thursday, December 03, 2009

Polly - no reputable scientists refute AGW

I have been sent this little snippet by a reader regarding an event held in London this week by Godfrey Bloom MEP where people were encouraged to talk about the possibility of climate change not being man made. Risky stuff, what. Far as the BBC is concerned they don't even need to have anyone talking about the risks of Copenhagen let alone someone who says that climate change has happened before and that recently temperature has been declining.

Dear Mrs Toynbee

In the light of irrefutable evidence that the globe is now cooling, together with the significant swing in opinion by independent scientists against the anthropogenic climate warming hypothesis, we feel it is time for a re-appraisal of the dogma “the science is settled”.

There is now a very serious financial threat especially to the emerging economies from drastic and ill conceived policies by politicians and those with vested interests.

We have seen recently in the United Kingdom the enormous pressure for government scientists to toe the line or face dismissal.

We are familiar with the bogus statistics in the form of the hockey stick graph from the IPCC, an organization disingenuously posturing as scientific not political.

To redress the balance of information we have asked one of the world’s leading academics in the discipline of climate change to make a presentation at the Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James's Street, London, SW1A 1LR on 1st December 2009 before the less rational jamboree begins in Copenhagen on December 7th.

Professor Ian Rutherford Plimer from the University of Adelaide will make a
presentation of his research to a selected audience of opinion formers and take questions.

This is an unrivalled opportunity to raise the level of debate before it
is too late.

As the lunch will be held in a club, Gentleman’s Club dress is the order of the day.

At first it would appear that there was no response but when asked again we get this delightful reply:

Sorry, but I have absolutely no time to waste on non science that has been
comprehensively disproved by all the world scientists of any weight or

So there you go. Prof Plimer doesn't know what he's talking about even though he's a geologist but an economist knows all about the climate. And a Guardian columist also has the authority to decide who is a reputable scientist and who isn't. Well, she'd know. She's never wrong. Is she.

If you have time on your hands you could visit this completely inaccurate blog which uses statistics rather than rhetoric. He won't be getting a column in the Guardian!


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