Saturday, December 05, 2009

All you need is meat

AS readers may well be aware, I am a vegetarian. But that doesn't mean that I impose my views on everyone else and forces them to do what I want, else I would have run for parliament years ago.

I was amused by this video from the European Parliament where Sir Paul McCartney flew over to Brussels to tell people what to eat because, he thinks, we're all going to die from cows farting.

Never mind the enormous amounts of hot air which emerges from European Parliament committee meetings or the vast waste that is the monthly jaunt to Strasbourg, the answer to the fiction that we're all going to boil to death whilst polar bears swim around the Thames is that we have to eat is dead wife's sausages. Minus the ones with thumbs in.

We had Prince Charles obsessed with the greenie weenies (nothing to do with his advisor, I'm sure. Oh no) and now a be-at-le. What next? Will Natalie Portman be parachuted into the land where fiction rules to tell us all that we have to wear her vegan shoes? Will Helen Mirren take a stand against 'global warming' and keep her clothes on in a film?

Why do I have to be lectured by people who know fuck all about how I live my life? I already have to spend my evenings bumping into furniture because the European Union has decided that I am not allowed proper lightbulbs in my own house and my cigarette packets are covered in pictures so vile they can only be of MEPs. Why is there this obsession by people to continually tell me what to do? Fuck. Off. Fuck Off. I don't tell you how to live your life so could you do me the courtesy of keeping your nose out of mine? You already spend my money without asking and refuse to allow me to participate in democracy but you've reached the stage where the only solution can be to call in air strikes.

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