Monday, December 14, 2009

Strictly Come Scandal?

>Last year some of you may remember that there was something of a scandal because the most popular couple with the public who pay to vote were the least popular couple with the judges who provide half the scores and also decide who goes home in the dance off.

Well this year people like me thought there might be another similar situation with Chris and Ola (skimpy outfits, big boobs) being popular with the public like Tom and Camilla were but not getting the high scores with the judges like Ali and Ricky have been getting.

I was personally sad when my favourite couple, Ali and Brian, left the competition despite getting a massive 50/50 with their American Smooth (and a kiss) but then I realised that in the semi-final there was no dance off. So really there was no point to the judges even scoring that one because the powers that be in the programme had realised that Chris and Ola would have no chance of making it into the final because chances are with the lowest judges score they would be in the dance off and the judges would vote them out because they aren't as good dancers as Ali or Ricky. Thus we'd have a repeat of last year.

It's just that this time the BBC realised in advance rather than wait until the programme had already started before getting the calculators out...

As it happens, I would quite like Team Cola to win because Ricky bores me and because I loved this Charleston.

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