Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best music review ever

Is found at 'Pop Justice' when discussing a Christmas Single by girl group The Stunners:

If you're looking for this year's most crass and self-serving Christmas charity single you may have found your winner: 'Santa Bring My Soldier Home' by US girlgroup The Stunners. The band may be familiar to a couple of you already - they're like Pussycat Dolls without the subtlety or the complex feminist agenda and they've got a brilliantly-titled song called 'Dancing Around The Truth' which sadly has all the originality and natural energy of a mid-ranking track on the current Saturdays album.

'Santa Bring My Soldier Home' - which, it's fair to say, slightly overestimates Santa's true level of influence on the world politics stage...

Go read the rest and also take a look at that video.

Would it be cruel of me to suggest that even Santa, however fictional, would be better at representation on the world stage than Baroness Ashton?

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