Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bell End?

The latest round of expense claims has journalists ploughing through receipts in the hope of another duck house outrage.

Front runner appears to be Quentin Davies MP who submitted a receipt for £20,700 for repairs to his bell tower. I presume that's not a euphemism and the former Tory thought that it was right and proper that the hard up tax payer, many of whom can't afford one home of their own, pay for ornaments to one of his.

Of course there has been the statement that he didn't want tax payers to pay for it, which does beg the questions 'so why did you submit the invoice, then?

Regardless of whether the bell tower was going to "smash through the roof" I still fail to see why I should contribute towards fixing it. I don't live there. I have a fault window in my flat; shall I send the bill for the repairs to Mr Davies in return for my generous contribution?

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