Friday, December 18, 2009

note to readers

It's too cold for me to write anything. When this global warming turns up, normal service will resume. Until then I'm off to sit under the hand dryer in the ladies loo.


subrosa said...

I'm just speechless. Do hope the likes of SSAFA get hold of this because they would certainly take action.

Trixy said...

I presume this is about the other post? I'm sure SSAFA got the e-mail too although they don't deal with homelessness really. They do casework and then pass it onto other charities. All very confusing.

subrosa said...

Trixy, SSAFA do deal with homelessness, in fact that's a core part of their service. True they don't provide housing these days, with the exception of accommodation for the families of those seriously injured and in Selly Oak or Headley Court.

I can tell you the SSAFA housing referral system works exceptionally well, in fact SSAFA's overall system is exceptional. It may sound confusing to civilians but then most things about the military does.

There are a few civilian charities which could take a few leaves out of SSAFA's book and the way it has adapted quickly to changing situations. Unusual for any charity.

I do hope SSAFA received a copy of this email because they have great relations with all military charities and are highly respected.

Trixy said...

i meant they don't do the front line homelessness stuff. They work, like the legion and the abf, with smaller organisations and usually provide funding. There are of course different categories of homelessness but the 'down and outs' go to different organisations funded by military charities. ah, the world of Cobseo. I suspect SAAFA were contacted too, but for 'members' rather than 'case studies' which is just as inaccurate.