Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When there's nothing else left

I was not that surprised that the coverage of two protestors on a crane was not given anywhere near the coverage as a few hippies how clearly never have to travel on business. Indeed, it was not even mentioned on the today programme, but we know that particular show to have very clear views on the EU anyway.

What made me scream was the comments of that liar Jim Murphey, still insisting that they are the guardians of knowledge and that the Lisbon Treaty is not in any way the EU Constitution in a different pair of shoes.
He said:

"The place to make these decisions is in this chamber, not on a crane half-way above the city sky of London.

Seemingly, in his socialist ignorance, failing to see that the time has passed for trusting MPs to represent us since most of them are breaking their manifesto pledge to us by refusing to hold the referendum promised.

Does he not understand that people coming from all over the country, climbing cranes and risking being locked up for this issue means that for most people now, the time has come to take action ourselves?

The vote on the referendum amendment will take place tomorrow. I hope that everyone causes their MP as much bother as possible in the process of informing them that they want them to carry out the wishes of the electorate.

On a tangent, but stil rather important, the Irish referendum will be taking place on the 29th May 2008. The EU wanted to keep this a secret for as long as possible to harm the No side, but I feel that they can fuck off.

Angela Merkel will also be changing the times of her visit so not to jeopardise the yes campaign (or scare the children) and, true to form, they will be hiding forthcoming legislation which they know will be unpopular and also highlight how they have been lying about this treaty just being about tidying up.

I do hope that people realise what it is we are dealing with. Parliamentary democracy in this country is slipping away into the ether. They only represent themselves.

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