Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Budget Blues

Well, that was so exciting that I actually fell asleep listening to it. The man is quite simply so dull and yet he managed to once again take a further punch to the economy of this country.

Eleven years of stealth taxes. Eleven years of moaning and drivel about how they are going to eradicate child poverty and yet Darling says there are still around half a million children living in poverty. So that means the Labour party have failed, does it? That their policies don't work? Oh no. It means that they need to take yet more of your hard earned money and waste it. Instead of encouraging people to go back to work, through a higher personal allowance for example, they're going to make it even more attractive to have a child and sit around letting hard working tax payers pay for you.

And once again we were robbed with the excuse of trying to save a few mangy polar bears who aren't in trouble anyway, all in the name of 'green'. Watermelon, more like. Green on the outside and deep red on the inside.

And how is the rise in duty on booze going to have any effect on 'binge drinking' when you can still buy eight cans of strong lager in a supermarket for the price of a pint? All that does is harm pubs which are closing at a rate of 4 a day anyway thanks in large part to the smoking ban. Raising the price of drink just makes it more likely that people will stay at home because they will get better value for money and can smoke. Hurrah.

Along with the slipping through of the 'I know we're broke and already wasting far too much money, but spending is going to be £20bn higher in the next four years than I announced in October' we're also going to be having road pricing, and I wonder if the money 'put aside' for funding will be used for Galileo at all?

Still, he does have one thing going for him. He's so dull that people just glaze over and he gets away with it. I went one step further. I fell asleep.

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Neal Asher said...

Fucking child poverty. I wonder how many people actually know what ministers mean when they mention this? Relative poverty i.e. having spent her welfare on cans of special brew mummy can't afford to buy Shane designer trainers. Ain't no one starving in this country except pensioners.