Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wish Ashton was dropped

Apparently Jonny Wilkinson was the only one who played badly in Scotland, according to Brian Ashton so he has been dropped for the team playing Ireland on Saturday. He has been replaced by Cipriani who I think should have been playing at Full Back last weekend but there we go.

Am glad I sold my ticket to Twickenham.

And just for the ladies:


nuttycow said...


Thanks Trix... that picture cheered up my Tuesday afternoon anyway.

Can't believe BA's kept Balshaw and is still refusing to play the lovely Lewsey.

Mr Eugenides said...

That's disgusting. Disgusting.

dizzy said...

Call that a six pack? Pfft!

dizzy said...

He doesn't even have proper moobs either. Real men spend years working them.

Anonymous said...

Yes at least you sold your ticket for Twickenham. At least you got some money for it. The team needs real supporters not fair weather types who sell up when things are not going well. You haven't a clue about the game have you?

Trixy said...

Oh, you big brave person, anon. The reason I sold my ticket is because I have to travel on that day, hence why I went to Murrayfield instead. Fucking fair weather supporters; what a wanker you are.

So shove your sanctimonious drivel up your arse. If you can fit anything else up there as your head will clearly take up a lot of room.