Friday, March 14, 2008

Says it all, really

An MP fairly near me decided not to turn up to the vote on the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty despite being a Tory and therefore supposed to be eurosceptic. Numerous contacts have been made to him asking why he did not turn up. Did he, for example, have something else more important to do, such as emergency heart bypass surgery?

However, since none of us live in his constituency we can't get an answer from him and have instead been directed towards his website. I duly clicked on his site to read the words of wisdom, and went to the page titled 'Lisbon Treaty'


*in the little box on the right hand side is a PDF offering his explanation which says he is in favour of the Treaty which he is going to vote in favour of the Treaty but didn't want to 'help the government' by voting with them against a referendum


dizzy said...

So that's 4 then. Were there anymore Tory abstainers?

David said...

He's my MP too and I am livid. He didn't even have the balls to vote with his convictions.
I hope there is a Eurosceptic option on my ballot paper in 2 years.

Geoff said...

"MBE"? Eh? Is there any way we can get that taken away?

dirty europeans ocialist said...

Up with the EU.

The Nameless One said...

I think he has shown the breadth and depth of his knowledge of this key issue very effectively on his website. He understands the square root of fuck all when it comes to the Lisbon Treaty.

David said...

Some info from Guido and a letter to the local rag has managed to get him a kicking of sorts.