Monday, March 31, 2008

Raking up old ground

Am looking at all this stuff about the Fawcett report today. Obviously am not writing much what with having a large plaster cast on my arm which keeps hitting different keys and deleting things I've written, but am getting a wee bit irate.

Let's get one thing straight: I hate strip clubs. I do not tolerate boyfriends going there and if they did it would be the old Spanish Archer. Essentially, strip clubs are full of tits in every sense of the word. Yes, women might make a lot of money out of it but that's because they're selling themselves and making themselves a play thing of a man. Not nice and consequently requires larger renumeration. Each to their own.

However, I also don't like women such as Dr Katherine Rake coming up with dodgy reports funded partially by the tax payer (they get money from the Home Office) and sponsored by one of the most incompetent women on the planet.

Women like Jowell, whose complete fuck up over the Olympics is, in my opinion, only set to get worse are an embarrassment to the female species. Dr Rake also thinks it's okay to publish results of reports and then go on BBC radio and acknowledge how her data was of poor quality.

So why publish the results?

I hate strip clubs, but it's my choice whether or not I go in them, associate with people who think that buying women is acceptable or indeed women who chose to take their clothes off for fat, flatulent probably impotent men.* It's not my business to tell someone I don't know that they aren't allowed to go in there, aren't allowed to work there or associate with the workers. Why would it be and so how is it Katherine Rake's?

I can see how working in a male dominated environment might mean your colleagues traipsing off to a titty bar and some women might not like that, but then don't go. And to be quite honest, if you haven't managed the art of wrapping men around your little finger then you're wasting that male dominated opportunity.

I work in a male dominated environment and my colleagues have more chance of being corrupted by me than they have going to do business in a strip club. Not that they would do business in a strip club because it's too loud and they aren't oiks.

70s feminism is, it seems, coming back. Well, I'm not burning my bra, that's for sure. It's agent provocateur.

*I admit, that may be my biased attitude. But it's my blog.


LeedsLass said...

Quite so. And despite being totally heterosexual, I love you to bits because you're always so right.

Trixy said...

*blushes big time*

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people have clearly decided that they are offended by things that have nothing to do with them, and the government bends over backwards (like a pole dancer) to cater for them.