Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Music for plebs

It's bad enough that we have classic fm on the airwaves, with wall to wall Nessun Dorma, clapping between movements and film music masquerading as high quality classics. One of the few treats for those who listen to complete works is the annual proms where I try to listen to as much Wagner as possible and thus avoid people who normally go to glyndebourne and hum along to famous themes.

Now the Minister for Culture, Margaret Hodge, thinks that the proms aren't inclusive enough.

She praised "icons of a common culture" from Coronation Street to the Angel of the North and said culture could "enhance a sense of shared identity".

I don't watch Coronation Street, it's a pile of shite. I like to listen to great music played by great musicians. What does Hedgehog want? Mahler's Symphony in D minor followed by some Drum and Bass excerpts and then some reggae?

These people must be terrified of upsetting anyone but white people and embarrassed and scared of promoting our cultural traditions. I hope this encourages more people to go to the proms and stick two fingers up to the stupid cow.


Mr Eugenides said...

I see that the great tenor Guiseppe di Stefano died yesterday.

No doubt, had it been Chantelle from Big Brother, Margaret Hodge would have called a press conference.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Euge,

I see you can spell "Chantelle" but struggle with "Giuseppe". Wonder what that tells us.

Trixy said...

That he's not Italian?