Sunday, February 10, 2008

*Yawn* it's valentine's day

Well, it's not actually valentines day yet, obviously, but research done by Alpharooms shows that we britons are not too excited about Valentine's Day, because we think we'll get shit gifts.

Women anticipate getting tacky underwear, cheap perfume and flowers from the garden. Men expect "the usual meal at an overpriced restaurant - which they'll be expected to pay for".

Luckily, I am not getting or giving either. Hurrah.

The bit which tickled me, however, was the response from one chap which said his ideal valentine's day would be hitting the slopes whilst his partner stayed at home.
Love it.


Mr Eugenides said...

I haven't entirely given up on getting tacky underwear this year.

dizzy said...

I bought my lover an ironing board. Hope she likes it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's the meal out for us, and if we're lucky, we'll go to the cinema as well. It's difficult when you have kids.

Womble On Tour said...

I once pursuaded my (now) wife to come to a football match one Valentine's Day, using "the romance of the FA Cup" as the main selling point.
Did me no good at all - we lost 3-2.