Monday, February 04, 2008

How they voted

Here is a list of how the British MEPs voted on the decision to ban patio heaters et al:

In favour of the ban: All LibDems - Attwooll, Bowles, Davies, Duff, Hall herself, of course, Ludford, Lynne, Newton-Dunn, Nicholson of Winterbourn, Wallis and Watson;

16 (out of 28) Tories - Richard Ashworth,John Bowis, Philip Bradbourn, Philip Bushill-Matthews, Giles Chichester, Den Dover, Jonathan Evans, Malcolm Harbour, Caroline Jackson, Sajjad Karim,Edward Macmillan-Scott,John Purvis, Struan Stevenson, David Sumberg, Charles Tannock and Geoffrey Van Orden

16 (out of 19) Labour - Michael Cashman, Richard Corbett, Robert Evans, Glyn Ford, Neena Gill, Richard Howitt, Stephen Hughes, Glennys Kinnock, Linda McAvan, Arlene McCarthy, David Martin, Eluned Morgan, Brian Simpson, Peter Skinner, Catherine Stihler and Glenis Willmott

Greens - Caroline Lucas, Jill Evans and Jean Lambert

Against the ban:

8 out of 10 (all present) UKIP MEPs: Nigel Farage, Derek Clark, Jeffrey Titford, Tom Wise, Mike Nattrass, Gerard Batten, Godfrey Bloom, Roger Knapman

3 out of 28 Tories: Martin Callanan, Nirj Deva and Robert Sturdy

No Lib Dems, Greens or Socialists

Sayeed Kamall of the Tories abstained.

As Booker pointed out yesterday, Richard bloody Ashworth then went and wrote a letter to the Telegraph talking about how patio heaters produced less CO2 than the pointless trip to Strasbourg each month by MEPs, no doubt winning pats on the back by people thinking that that would mean he would vote against the ban. Hypocritical arsehole. Can we have an explanation for that, please?

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