Wednesday, February 06, 2008

They're never bloody happy

The rather dishy Andrew Porter has written today in the Telegraph about plans to encourage the use of the contraceptive injection or implant rather than the pill. £10 million will be spent on the pilot scheme which hopes to slash the number of teenage pregnancies.

According to the article only 14% of women who ask their GPs for contraception use longer term whereas 35% use the pill. However, more than 75% forget to take their Pill on two consecutive days each month, thus increasing the chance of an unwanted pregnancy.

The DoH has said that if more women opted for longer term contraceptive options then the number of unwanted pregnancies could fall by 73,000. This is beneficial for everyone concerned, including the public purse.

This makes sense to me, but it's only a matter of time before the numbers of people taking longer term contraceptives increases. It's much easier to deal with, you don't have to remember to take a pill every day, and it's not affected by illness. However, it does make one a bit porky. It's all that extra hormone circulating round your body that turns into testosterone I think (that's what my doctor told me) and then the body puts on fat.

Also, my friend was on the injection but because of her surgery being rubbish and her (shock!) having to go to work in the mornings and stay there until the evenings she couldn't get an appointment to have her injection. And they have to be done at certain times of the month. But anyway, her and her partner are delighted with their daughter, who should have been named after me really.

But what really irritated me about this story is the reaction of the anti-choice fanatics who, get this, instead of thinking that taking measures to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies, particularly in teenagers and young women, and therefore the number of hot baths and bottles of gin, are moaning! Yes! Moaning!

They have said that the guidelines would encourage promiscuity and fuel the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections. Some of which cause infertility which would mean fewer abortions but these people never try to see the positives.

I thought that they were against abortions, but now it appears they are against people having sex! How many other things do they want to stop people doing? Fair enough have your opinions, as long as you don't force them on other people (which is why I can't stand the pro life brigade) but saying that effective contraception is a bad thing because people might get it on is just ridiculous. Why don't people just leave each other alone, stop being so judgmental and self-righteous and understand that we all don't want to live by your dull rules, chappie.


Anonymous said...

Why not let them churn out all the babies they can. Then there would be no need for foreign imports..
And - it would , sooner or later, give all those social workers a baby to play with.

Clunking Fist said...

It's a shame that so many of the prissys are drawn to the Tory Party. But I guess that if the Liarbore can be a mishmash of commies, eco-facsists and magic-money worshipers, the Tory's can be a mix of Christians, Liberals and the Gentry (who, I'm reliably told, shag anything that moves).

Clunking Fist said...

Oh, yes, and the Fim Dem are, well, Fibbers and fuckwits.