Monday, February 11, 2008

I have just taken a look at the Bloggerheads site for the first time and am wondering why it is covered in phallic images. Concerning on its own, but the dear chap also seems to be obsessed with a number of bloggers all of the male variety.

Wondering if it's a case of 'sir, thou doth protest too much' because there appears to be some e-mail exchange which he has decided to publish (remind me never to send him an e-mail) and other such oddities which makes me wonder if perhaps his local village hall has closed down and he's lost for entertainment of an evening.

I think he would probably get a few more hits if he did actually post pictures of male genitalia on there rather than muppet cocks, but perhaps he doesn't want that sort of hardcore readership?

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Anonymous said...

And why were you looking?
The literature??