Friday, February 08, 2008


To follow on from yesterday and the outrageous comments by Gordon Brown's barrister, there is a story even more outrageous.

Oh yes. A man from Cornwall has written a letter to his bus company after buses kept on driving past him. Bad enough in a built up area, but in the countryside where buses are infrequent and there aren't many alternatives?

The reply back said that he used the 'wrong kind of wave to flag them down.' erm. what?

The letter said that the driver was sorry,

"But she did not realise you wanted to use the bus as you were not indicating in the recognised manner,"

You can only get a bus to stop, it seems, but holding out one arm. Which isn't true because I sometimes flag down a bus by showing the driver a bit of ankle.

He said the "last straw" came last month when he waved both arms above his head, and yet the bus still did not stop.

Wonder if it was an ex driving? Or maybe it's because women drivers don't look around them? That's what my father will say. According to him I am one of the only good women drivers around and that's only because he taught me. Yes, daddy, and brought me up as a surrogate son....


Mark Wadsworth said...

Where do you get this stuff from? Priceless!

Clunking Fist said...

Extend your arm fully at the horizontal. Extend your index and middle fingers, pointing up, keeping the others curled. Ensure the back of the hand faces toward the oncoming bus. Move your arm in a fairly vigorous manner up and down through about 20 degrees, whilst puffing your (facial) cheeks, simultaneously protruding your tongue out through your mouth. When the bus driver stops the bus and jumps out, advise him/her that you were signalling V for victory.