Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So quick to use violence

A few years ago I was pounced on by 5 security guards from the European Parliament for daring to protest at the EU Constitution vote in Strasbourg.

This year, as the EU Constitution is being voted upon, I was only roughly shoved by one person. I quite clearly told him to "keep his hands off me and don't lay a finger on me" which was caught on camera, and his senior jobsworths told him to get off me, but they are so quick to use violence. IT's the natural language they understand against people who don't agree with them.

The reason they decided to get rough with me was because I was wearing a jumper with this logo on it:

And I was leading three large chickens along towards the hemicycle.

It's a simple message to grasp: politicians are too chicken to let the people have a referendum as they will say NO, and then they have to go through the inconvenience of asking them again until they say yes or writing it up in different font and pretending that it's different.
Last month the Green group were allowed people dressed up on the bridges to the hemicycle. They were wearing tomato costumes and other assorted vegetables. If they're protesting at nuclear power they can wear death masks, but if you're asking for democracy, then you are forbidden from doing anything.

The Head of Security even tried to convince us that it was clearly written in the Rules and Regs that 'No person is allowed to wear a chicken outfit in the European Parlaiment'. When asked to show this regulation they declined.

There were about 15 security guards for three chickens and a few members of staff in chicken jumpers.

I was told I had to leave the European Parliament building and when they got around that one by me calling people and telling them they said if I wanted to walk anywhere else I would have to take off my jumper. I said I was quite happy to, but since I was wearing nothing underneath I am sure that would certainly break the rules. They weren't too bothered about that one.

Most of the British press weren't there as Brown is going to be in Brussels tomorrow to have a tête a tête with Barosso. I can only presume Brown will take a notepad so he can write down what he's going to do next. I am sure the timing of it was just a coincidence to make sure that this Constitutional Treaty is kept out of the media

I hate them, I really hate them.

As pro democracy figher Vladimir Bukovsky said to Nigel Farage

"I have seen your future and I don't like it."

Having seen yet again the actions today by the European Parliament and their hypocrisy and double standards, I really do fear for people who don't want to be part of the EU. Pro EU MEPs are allowed to call people who support a referendum 'like Adolf Hitler', 'mentally ill' and 'idiots' but anyone who is in favour of people sticking to their election promises and actually asking the people in a free and fair referendum rather than waffling on about 'getting closer to the people' and then completely ignoring them can just fuck right off.

They're being suspended anmd fined because they aren't in favour of the Treaty. That's the simple answer. And when you vote in general elections for Labour, Tory or Lib Dems, that is what you are voting in favour of.

On your own head be it.


Team Chicken

The head of the European Parliament security refusing to let the peaceful protest anywhere near the hemicycle

The Three Little Chicks


Englishman Abroad said...


You are doing a great job.

Keep shouting.

Trixy said...

Thank you, and I will!

Anonymous said...

Protesters seem to get better treatment in the socialist Town Hall of South Shields, even down to complimentary tea and coffee.

Miliband and Brown are clearly federalists!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good stuff. Who knitted the jumpers?

cramerj said...

Had you tried this stunt in some places you would have been arrested as a possible terrorist and/or shot. You could hide a nifty suicide gettup under the yellow stuff.