Friday, February 15, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane

Words cannot describe the hate I feel towards people who think that they must control every aspect of our lives. Julian Le Grand, who is a professor at the London School of Economics and was Tony Blair's senior health adviser, thinks it would be a jolly jape to make people buy a permit for purchasing tobacco.

I am literally shaking with rage. It's not enough for them to force us all outside into the cold and to damage pubs with their fascist policies, but to have to buy a permit and for Le Grand to say that they should make the form sufficiently difficult so people couldn't fill them in is the product of a sick mind.

Hear that, Julian, you are a sick individual.

Such a view also seems to me to be saying that clever, richer people are allowed to smoke but you thickies down there aren't allowed to.

Also in his list of things to make our lives more miserable is the ban of salt in processed food.

Listen. If we don't want to eat salt, we won't. The packages are covered in blobs and circles filled with all sorts of information so we know if something has salt in, okay. And what's more, IT'S OUR CHOICE WHAT WE EAT, NOT YOURS.

And we're all to have an exercise hour. It's not too long before that daily diet plan sent to all of us to let us know what we are allowed to eat for the day is actually a reality.

I see that Adelaide are keen to get migration from the UK and I'm off to their website now to look, because I just cannot stand this country anymore.


Anonymous said...

As a (more or less) non-smoker, I feel outraged by this too. Another three years, then I'm a qualified accountant and can leave this pit!

Anonymous said...

We already have the most draconian smoking restrictions in Europe that have made me stop going at all to the pub.
Roll on the election when we can get rid of these corrupt and useless b*ggers.
Mind you.....the Tories aren't much better.

Travis Bickle said...

Never smoked but have never agreed with the blanket ban, you just know that if any government was stupid enough to implement this nonsense (and this motley crew is that idiotic and more) then it would be the tip of the iceberg, with permits to buy drink, hamburgers, salt you name it. I can sense Juniper and his mob dribbling over the front of their jumpers at the thought of even more needless oppression in the name of saving the planet.

cramerj said...

Won't your friendly neighborhood drug dealer find a way around this and satisfy the demand for cigarettes.

cramerj said...

Be interested what you get told about Adelaide. South Australia is about as labour as you can get and now all Australia is one big Labour country it is showing signs of going nulabor already.Still best of luck.

mitch said...

Im a none smoker and since the ban my local pub smells wrong and its empty! all this since this idiotic ban.

Clunking Fist said...

Yes, be warned: Australia has recently elected a Liarbore gummint.

Plus it's full of Australians.

Actually, it's filling up fast with Kiwis sick of their Liarbore gummint.

Clunking Fist said...

I don't read any aussie blogs, but here's a link to a NZ one that is watching with interest events across the ditch.