Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Euro Elite are panicking

As the Telegraph reported this morning, there is a bit of a to-do with regards to MEP finances because the whole thing is a fucking sham.

The parliament have sent out a statement saying that they are looking at reform, but they are not letting the anti fraud body, OLAF, see the secret report.

Just a few moments ago, the nasty president of the european parliament, Herr Pottering, set out an e-mail:
Dear colleague,

May I remind you of the notice of 19 November 2007 in which I invited you to update, pursuant to Rule 9 of and Annex I to the Rules of Procedure, your declaration of financial interests for 2007.

Since that declaration has not yet reached the competent Secretariat service, please allow me to draw your attention to the fifth paragraph of Article 2 of Annex I to the Rules of Procedure, which states:
‘If after the appropriate request a Member does not fulfil his obligation to submit a declaration pursuant to (a) and (b), the President shall remind him once again to submit the declaration within two months. If the declaration has not been submitted within the time-limit, the name of the Member together with an indication of the infringement shall be published in the minutes for the first day of each part-session after expiry of the time-limit. If the Member continues to refuse to submit the declaration after the infringement has been published the President shall take action in accordance with Rule 147 to suspend the Member concerned’.

Accordingly, please forward your declaration of financial interests, within two months starting from today, to the following address:
Members’ Activities Unit
PHS 2A19/Brussels - tel. 44052
LOW H00.057/Strasbourg - tel. 74622

I would also remind you that, following the Bureau decision of 4 April 2001 concerning the publication on the Internet of the register of Members’ financial interests, an electronic registration and publication system have been introduced with the aim of facilitating the submission of your declaration. You will find the relevant form at the following web address:

The Members’ Activities Unit will be happy to provide any further information you may require.


Strikes me that Mr Pottering is panicking and wants to make sure that no one can tar him with the same brush as naughty MEPs...

When UKIP found someone who had done something wrong they got rid of him. Most UKIP MEPs have a chartered accountant to deal with their finances.

I suspect that when this report does finally come out it will be fraud on a scale you can't believe.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"Fraud on a scale you can't believe"?

Well, they've just 'fessed up to £100 million of EU money in a single year. The total bribes etc from private sector and lobbyists can't be much more than that, given as politicians are cheap and MEP's are powerless anyway.

Sue said...

Hi Trixie, couldn't find a suitable place to ask this but it's EU related - do you know if there's any truth in the following article? It's concerning the EU flag flying over Downing Street soon.