Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dan Hannan kicked out of EPP

Well it had to happen soner or later, but Dan Hannan, the Telegraph columnist and Tory MEP has today been kicked out of the EPP and he said it was like removing the stone from a shoe and good for both parties. So now Dan won't be funding the 'Yes' campaign unlike his Tory colleagues. Who is left alphabetically? Heaton-Harris or perhaps Malcolm Harbour?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Dan Hannan, UKIP's favourite non- UKIP MEP!

ukipwebmaster said...

Watch the bust up between Hannan and Beazley here:


Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth,

Not if you are Nigel Farage and Dan has managed to achieve in about 5 minutes what you have failed to do in 10 years.

Trixy said...

Not quite, you brave man!