Friday, September 21, 2007

pissed off Trixy

The daily-mail'tastic tone of your sophilistic rant, Trixy is fuel to the fire of the idea that you're at heart a racist party. I know you're running for votes against the BNP is East London and elsewhere, but in your position of influence, you should not be helping Farage drag the party towards its stated libertarian position?

And you, my dear Jackart, are sounding like a Guardian reader by implying that anyone who has a problem with unlimited immigration is a racist. I do have a problem with unlimited immigration. I have a problem with people working in this country and then sending child benefit home to their children who don't live in this country. I have a problem in rising costs for translation for the police forces because of the number of migrants when I am told by my GP that I will just 'have to live with' having a broken toe because with the NHS it's not worth even trying to get it dealt with.

But my main problem is with politicians implying that they stand up for the views of people who also don't like this, and then go and vote the other way.

You might like enlargement. I've no bother if other countries want to join the EU although it strikes me as odd as to why you would want to leave Communism and then join it again, but I want to get out and I don't want to pay for them. Trade with them - great! Let's all cut our taxes and stop having such restrictions on labour to stop companies being competitive. Like it or not, if you voted for enlargement, you voted for unlimited movement of labour, which means mass immigration from the poor countries to the rich.

It's not rocket science, really. Work permits. A much better idea.

(and the 13,000 didn't even come from the government. And it wasn't even about Britain. So someone who is paid to make a decision on that kind of thing should have known better.)

Ah, fuck it. What difference will it make anyway.


youdontknowme said...

How can people still think that being against large scale immigration is racist when it is destroying the country?

The only benefits that come from large scale immigration go to big businessmen.

Hugh Miller said...

They don't think it's racist you. They know that using the 'racist' word gets people running scared.

This government have ruled by default simply because they have created a language that prevents open debate.

Imaging living in the UK and being an 'little-englander' being a bad thing! (I'm a Scot by the way so this doesn't apply to me).

Years ago the SWP used the same tactics, although their 'debates' tended to be in politically aware company. Anyone who didn't agree was a 'reactionary'.

Is being a reactionary really always bad?

Look at how often you hear the dread phrase 'schools and hospitals' when the government defend expenditure. Funnily enough the bulk of protest in the UK at grass roots level is about the problems in schools and/ore hospitals.

Language has been used to win the argument - not on substance, but on sloganeering.

Motherfuckers that they are.