Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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David Davies says of the calls for more funding by Mrs Spence of Cambridgeshire Police:

"The Government estimated that 13,000 people would come from accession countries. At least 700,000 have now arrived.

"Labour's open door approach to immigration failed to consider, let alone cater for, the impact of this influx on housing and public services. Senior officers are now providing damning evidence of the strain Labour's shambolic approach has placed on the police and their ability to fight crime. "

Only a fucking idiot would have believed the figure of 13,000. UKIP certainly didn't, but that didn't stop the Tories and their insults when he was speaking against enlargement in the chamber. I'm looking at the print out of the roll call votes for that day, 9th April 2004, where every single Tory MEP voted for enlargement. Only Hannan didn't vote yes for one country.

On that day, London MEP Charles Tannock said

we stand today at the brink of an historic process as we vote to finally reunite in democracy, peace and prosperity our divided continent of Europe, with the accession of ten new my group's shadow rapporteur on Slovakia it gives me particular pleasure to support its candidature.

He said in December of last year:
smooth waves of EU enlargement are a magnificent achievement of the EU. The fifth wave, which enlarged the Union to 25 Member States two years ago, has actually been a great success, in spite of warnings that...countries such as my ow would suffer unsustainable immigration flows.

I would also like to highlight part of a speech given by another Tory MEP, Philip Bullshit-Matthews Bushill-Matthews where he said:
The fact is that such immigrants who have come from central and eastern Europe into the UK, Sweden and Ireland have not been a drain on the economy, but a benefit into it

Conservative MEP Van Orden spent years getting Bulgaria to be a full member of the EU, yet I doubt he makes those claims at the garden parties on the verdant lawns in Chelmsford.

So why does anyone listen to them and publish their comments? They are hypocritical fuck-heads who should be too ashamed to leave their front doors. Instead, they lie to people who are concerned about immigration and have the gall to take their taxes as wages when they are part of the fucking problem.

Pricks. Big, sweating pricks. They should be hung upside down by their toenails and made to watch coronation street backwards in Flemish for all eternity, unless they have the decency to put their hands up and say "I am a big, fat, hypocritical liar and I apologise for treating you, the voting public, like little bits of poo I find where I want to pitch my tent on a camping site."

Then I might let them come down, as long as they spend the rest of their lives trying to make amends for their actions.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Was nice to meet up today.

Trixy said...

and you!

Hugh Miller said...

How many people even know who their current MEP is?

And yet these people make more decisions about policy in this country than the bulk of MP's.

If this wasn't such a serious issue you'd just laugh it off...