Tuesday, September 18, 2007

more hypocrisy

So the Tories are trying to gain political capital by highlighting the splits in the Lib Dems over the EU. Unfortunately, they are so split themselves, they needed to send out this little e-mail to make sure that their massive divides between politicians weren't highlighted anymore:

I.e shut up and let Hague speak about it because we all know how utterly divided we are on the EU, and the only thing we can just about get consensus on is to have a referendum on the EU Treaty.

Can you imagine the shit Cameron would be in if Brown was clever and chose the referendum to be Do you want to stay in the EU and accept it with the new treaty, or do you want to leave? He's not going to give us one on the Constition because he will lose it, and after all those years of waiting to be PM, he's not going to call an election any time soon.

If it's a referendum on in or out, it'll be the LibLabCon saying yes and only UKIP providing the opposition. Again.

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