Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The face of the opposition

A little bird informs me that our lovely Europe Minister went for a meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister to hatch a plan to see how the two countries could avoid the inconvenience of democracy and not put the EU Constitution to a referendum.

It really makes me sick that politicians who are supposed to serve the people and who are paid by the people don't consider them important enough to ask how they want to be governed. The Dutch have already said 'Nee' once and that is just ridden roughshod over. We have never had a say on whether we want to be part of political union with our neighbours and it's about bloody time we did.

Why should yet more of our taxes go to pay for some jolly for Murphy - someone who got the NUS to change their position on student grants to be in line with the Labour party - so he can have a chat about how to bypass our urgent desire for a referendum? It's like someone stealing my purse and using my cash to buy a hammer to break into my house with.

A look at the BBC website shows me the face of the opposition. Pretty it ain't...

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