Monday, September 24, 2007

Gordon Brown: One eye, two faces

Anyone listen to our esteemed Prime Minister on the 'Today' programme this morning? Or, perhaps, read his little piece in the Screws of the World yesterday? Or any of the coverage of the Labour Conference? If you have, then you'll know that he is saying that he doesn't need a General Election to "get on with the job" of implementing Labour's 2005 manifesto. Now, I happen to agree with him on that point. We don't have a presidential election in this country, so the MPs we voted for in 2005 are still 'representing' us.

However, I am slightly confused as to how Grawp can sit there talking about how he is going to implement the Labour manifesto but conveniently forget that this included a promise..hear that? A PROMISE for a vote on the EU Constitution.

Let's not beat around the bush: this Reform Treaty and the EU Constitution are basically the same document. Have a look here for some comments by other European leaders and politicians who have been a little more honest than our own representatives.

So if he wants to get on with the job of implementing this left wing handbook, can he and others stop talking shit and give us a referendum? I will be in Bournemouth tomorrow with the Freedom Association calling for him to do so. Come join us!


Mark Wadsworth said...

'One eye, two faces'


Henry North London said...

like it agree with Mark