Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oooh, but it's been a long time. I lost any desire to moan at you all about stuff you already knew about.

Party politics is just getting silly at the moment. Let's take the latest proposals from 'Yet Another Tory Thinktank':

Shoppers using out-of-town supermarkets would be forced to pay car parking charges under new Conservative proposals to defend the traditional British high street.

Under the plans, councils would be given the power to demand that big supermarkets and other stores on the outskirts of towns charge their customers for parking.

The proposals - which are contained in the party's quality of life policy review that will be published on Thursday - are likely to face a backlash from shoppers, who have grown accustomed to free parking at the out-of-town supermarkets and shopping complexes. The 800-page report tries to deflect the inevitable criticism by stressing that the parking charges would be no greater than the amount people would pay in the nearest town centre.

Today we hear that Dave has given it the 'thumbs down' but shouldn't even have made it that far. These people surrounding themselves with millionaires who don't have to think about getting the shopping because the butler gets them organic food with the dirt still on it from some 'darling' little shop not dissimilar to the one entitled 'I saw you coming' on Harry Enfield's programme.

But what about this cracker?
Under the Tory plan for a greener world, all electrical goods, such as plasma screen televisions, that exceed precise limits on the permissible level of energy they use could be banned from sale.

I've got an idea for a greener world: stop overheating the planet but not spouting all of this hot air. Or, and here's a really good idea: Take Nicolas Soames's arse and plug up the hole in the ozone layer. That ought to help.

Here's another cracker from the Lib Dems:
Chris Davies says that the idea of holding a referendum on a document containing 250 ideas for mostly minor changes to the existing arrangements is ridiculous.

The MEP commented: "Hardly anyone voting would have read the proposals, and we would be none the wiser after a vote which bits they liked and which they opposed. We elect a government to make decisions of this kind.

What a good idea. Tell people that they're too stupid to understand, and don't even bother to explain it to them.
Even if it were true that it was not worth bothering, it's an astonishing thing for a politician to say.
But it's not even true. The implications of the treaty are perfectly easy to understand because the EU becomes a legal entity.

Where do you start with the Labour Party? Ten years of being fucked over, I suppose, and a Prime Minister who is happy to lie to us and say we don't need a referendum on the EU Constitution because it's not the EU constitution and who comes out with bullshit like dealing with immigration by imposing tests which won't be relevant to about 75% of immigrants.

I despair, really. Having sent out information that most of the stories coming out can't be done, it is just ignored. Why would anyone want the public to know the truth, eh? Then they might start asking questions, and that would never do.

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