Monday, June 04, 2007

Putin is right about something

It's Russian week here at Chez Trixy, and I have just seen a comment by the Russian President himself that I rather agree with:

After Britain allowed a significant number of crooks, suspicious characters and terrorists to gather on its territory, it ... endangered the life and health of Britain's own subjects, and all the blame for that rests with Britain.

Or, more precisely, it lies with our lying, cheating politicians who have given away the right for Britain to control her own borders to the EU. (Labour and Tories in the UK, and all of them except UKIP in Brussels.)

That's why we can't deport criminals who are from the EU, or deny people from the EU into Britain on the basis of their criminal record, or have embarkation controls between entry ports within the EU, or stop people we don't want to come in, like Bulgarian mafia, from coming in.

Nice one! Go and award yourself a holiday on the taxpayer. And stay there, you horrible little slimeballs. Bleugh. You make me want to vomit.


Alex said...

To be brief: Bollocks.

We have a specific derogation to keep our own border controls. We didn't join the Schengen zone. Whether there is a checkpoint in operation on one particular day at one given port is an operational decision for the inspector of the district, the duty chief immigration officer, and the chief constable.

Embarkation controls were dropped some years ago because, quite simply, they were producing a huge pile of cards in a warehouse in Harmondsworth that were not used for anything. Police Special Branch maintains a watch at ports of exit when they consider it necessary.

Trixy said...

No, go read the legislation and you will find that you are wrong.