Saturday, June 23, 2007

Traitors, the lot

Whilst we've all been out having fun (or sleeping if you're a sick bunny like me) Tony Blair has pretended that he's stuck to his Red Lines (I initially thought he said Red Lions which would have been much more exciting) whilst giving the EU a legal personality.

We already know that the ECJ is the highest court in the land but, as DK explains rather well, this new treaty goes even further. Quelle Surprise?

Our researcher friend made it clear that, in his opinion, from a full reading of the text, that the Constitution treaty, for the first time, explicitly says that member states are subservient to the EU Institutions (which become a legal entity). In other words the EU becomes the supreme central authority, and member parliaments merely subsidiary local authorities.

Need I point out that I consider this to be an appalling—if predictable—development?

Even more fun than that is the news that they have paved the way for an EU Common Defence Policy. Yes, boys and girls. Our armed forces will be under the command of not the nice lady in the hats who lives in Buckingham Palace, but the bad man with the orange tan who you never elected and can't get rid of! That's fun, isn't it! That's Democratic and sensible and a jolly nice idea?

Well, it's not, really, is it. I tend to think that the main function of a government should be that it can protect the state as an entity, which means that it has the ability to 'blow shit up' should the need arise. There are very few areas I would like the government to get involved in, but I think that foreign policy and defence are the ones which are important. So now it looks like it won't be long before our armed forces, badly treated and under paid and yet quite simply the best in the world, will be under the command of some Euro-Prick. We shouldn't be surprised. If the Control Key on my lap top was working properly I would put in the link from Lord Pearson of Rannoch about the deal signed at Farnborough Airshow some years ago, and also point to the demise of the historical regiments which have been replaced with ones on a regional level, to nicely fit in with the idea of the EU.

If people don't get up in arms about this, I seriously do wonder what the point of going on is. We have a nation enthralled with a relationship going on in a room in the South of England somewhere between some chap and a girl who is so lacking in ideas she aims to look like someone else, whilst at the same time our entire relationship with out government, our laws and our neighbours is being rearranged and no one seems to care.

ARGH! I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it! I said, quite profoundly, a few months ago that what it will take for people to actually bother and do something about this is for it to touch them directly. Now I fear that even if it does they won't know it, won't know the real reasons and won't be bothered to do anything about it.

Anyone going to join me in emigrating somewhere lovely? I think Australia looks like a jolly good country to go to. Nice, sensible politics over there. And I could buy a house and get a swimming pool, instead of paying a million pounds a second to rent a room in London. Yes, jolly good idea. Going to start packing right now!

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